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  • Update Item Information API - Enumeration Field
    This blog post contributes another example of using the Update Item Information API (see also https://developers.exlibrisgroup.com/blog/bulk-updating-items-by-api-on-a-file-of-item-pids/). This example uses PowerShell. Problem: We would like to update the Enumeration A fields in item records. However, the  Change Physical Items job does not allow for this functionality. (Note: this is no longer the case as of the…

    ALMA Item record

    Bulk Export Titles from Primo using Primo Search API
    In this example, I use the Primo Search Api to collect all of the database titles from Primo and then export them to a local file.Method: Windows PowerShell Pre-requisites: Primo Search Api Key Primo Search API Doc: https://developers.exlibrisgroup.com/primo/apis/search/GET/AnSF56/p3aKzRujr9pj8qtyT3YiaSYVA/f5643222-bb88-4f3d-b2d6-5029e527c515  Steps taken within PowerShell:1.) Define API Url:$api = '{apiServer}/primo/v1/search?vid={vid}&tab={tab}&scope={scope}&pcAvailability={true/false]&q=any,contains,{query}&qInclude=facet_rtype,exact,{facet}&limit={limit}&apikey={apiKey}'2.) Convert data from JSON:$results = Invoke-WebRequest -Uri $api | ConvertFrom-Json3.) Define source…


    Delete User Notes from Alma using Update User Details API
    Method: Windows PowerShell Pre-requisites: List of User IDs, Update User Details API Key Update User Details API Doc: https://developers.exlibrisgroup.com/alma/apis/docs/users/UFVUIC9hbG1hd3MvdjEvdXNlcnMve3VzZXJfaWR9/ The Update/Notify Users job in Alma allows you to Add user notes, but not Delete them. This walkthrough details how to Delete user notes using the Update User Details API. First, you need to have a list of User IDs at…