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    Graduate Assistant at Acquisitions and Cataloging Services

  • Alma Analytics - Create Cataloging Activities Reports
    This blog is for Alma Analytics beginners who want to learn the procedures of creating a cataloging activities report in Alma analytics. I use the BIB record modification report as an example to show how to find how many records staff users have created, updated, and deleted. Open Alma Analytics and click Catalog on the top…


    How to Prepare HathiTrust Print Holding Data from Alma
    This document describes the procedures of preparing print holdings data from Alma in three different parts, Single-part Monographs, Multi-part Monographs, and Serials.Part 1. Single-part Monographs 1.     Create a set of all single-part monographsCreate a set of single-part booksDo an advanced search in IZ in Alma using the criteria below to get a set of all…