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  • Identifying the relevant XSL of an Alma letter
    A tip if you ever hit a situation where you're not sure which underlying XSL file corresponds with a particular Alma email: Add the following to your XSL templates just below the <html> tag: <html> <xsl:attribute name="data-filename"> <xsl:value-of select="/notification_data/general_data/letter_type"/> </xsl:attribute> Then by looking at the email source you will see which xsl it is:


    3M Self-check and Stunnel setup with Alma
    We operate an individual stunnel install per self-check machine. We decided to do it this way - rather than set up one Stunnel server for all self-check machines - because of the following reasons: No single point of failure with stunnel installed on each self-check machine. No need to provision a Linux VM, would be…


    Primo floor plans with Google Apps Script
    Since we moved to Primo, many of our users have asked for a floor plans feature, as an aid to locating the item(s) they want to borrow. The basic idea is that they search the catalogue/discovery tool, find the item they want, a floor plan link is presented, and a pop-up, modal window or new…


    Using Thunderbird as a print proxy
    NOTE:¬†Printing via emails is the no longer required. The recommended way to handle printing is to use the online printing functionality instead. For more details see the online help As a cloud solution, Alma cannot simply be connected directly to local network/printers due to security concerns and technical limitations. Printing from Alma, therefore, is handled…