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  • Automate Revision Update for SFX 4
    Description Automate Revision Update for SFX 4 Here is a set of shell scripts to automate revision update for sfx 4. With weekly SFX knowledge base updates we have found it convenient to run this on our test server every Tuesday and on our production server every Friday. The results on the test server are…


    oracle low tablespace alert email using util_o_14_1
    Description Here is a shell script to check for free memory in Ex Libris oracle tablespaces. The script runs from a cron job to automate the Ex Libris menu option util_o_14_1 for Primo, Aleph, Metalib, Digitool and ARC. A "low tablespace" email is sent to an "alerts" email address when free tablespace is below 2000Megabytes.…