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    Business Analyst on Aleph Development team, Ex Libris group. I am working in Ex Libris since 2005, and previously - as academic librarian at Bar-Ilan university, Israel. Loves Free Open (Libre) Source.

  • Making ILL Requests from a Consortial Primo to Aleph ILL Module Using Self-developed JSP Programs on Primo
    Primo at the time of writing (version 4.9.4) doesn't have the functionality to make ILL request from non-home institute's titles using Primo default ILL request option. The consortial project for Hong Kong self-finance institutes (http://www.csids.edu.hk/) however planned to implement such function: to allow legitimate users requesting an ILL-available title of other consortial members on home…


    Using CAPTCHA in Aleph Web OPAC for Resetting Forgotten Patron Passwords
    General In Aleph 23, the new Forgot Password functionality has been added to the Web OPAC. With this new functionality, the patron can receive an e-mail message with a Reset Password link, instead of replying to a pre-defined question saved earlier. For implementing this new functionality, refer to the Aleph 23 System Librarian’s Guide and…


    Load External Loan and Return Transactions File in Offline Circulation
    Introduction The Offline Circulation functionality allows you to record loan and return transactions on your local computer in case there is a disruption with your computer's connection to the server.   Your transactions are saved in a file that you can send to the server when the connection is re-established.   This blog post describes…


    Paying Patrons debts and fines via the Web OPAC
    Introduction Starting with Aleph version 22.1, Aleph is enhanced to provide an infrastructure for paying Patron's debts and fines via the Web OPAC or other external products such as PRIMO, VuFind etc. using credit card or other payment methods. The ability to interface with a payment solution system facilitates the library payment workflow and reduces…


    SMS Proxy Adapter
    General Purpose This post explains how to add a Java class file that implements an SMS Proxy adapter supporting an additional provider. An SMS Proxy is installed as a ".war" file in your JBoss / Tomcat  _deploy_  directory. By default, the SMS Proxy supplies two adapters. Each adapter supports sending SMS messages via one of…