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Bookmarklet to print Alma loans receipts

Learning from the experience made by developing the browser extensions to print Alma loans receipts ( I found a better and simpler way to achieve the same thing.

Now I use bookmarklets (bookmarks containing JavaScript code) that you can put in your browser bookmarks toolbar: when you display loans on the Alma fulfillment Patron services page click on the bookmarklet and a loan receipt is displayed and print immediately.

You can configure, preview and create the bookmarklet here:

You can also download the aps_configure_bookmarklet.html from github and copy it in your web server:

You can create as many bookmarklets as you want with different name: for example one complete with all data and another simplified, without signature part, logo etc.

Every customization is saved locally in a permanent (1 year) cookie every time you press “Preview” or “Create the bookmarklet”.

If you do not want to display some line (ex., the signature), simply add a “display: none;” in the css field.

You can change the order of the lines drag and dropping the list in the “Receipt elemts order” section of the bookmarklet generator.

If your browser blocks the pop up window you have to allow it for the Alma site.

In Chrome browser the pop up position is fixed.

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  1. I was so grateful to find this bookmarklet. When there was an Alma update, the script no longer worked. Is there an updated version of the script that works with the latest release of Alma? Thank you!

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