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ILL Borrowing Locate Innovative’s Millennium Records on Aleph ILL Module using Aleph Locate Type

By default, at the time of writing in Aleph version 20  ILL Module, there is a functionality to locate ILL partners’ materials on Borrowing Tab before starting the whole ILL process; the function is to help an ILL operator to identify whether ILL partners hold an available title for ILL. Between Aleph’s ILL Modules, Aleph X-service is used to locate records of each other; and other than Aleph, such as Innovative’s Millennium, Z39.50 is used. Aleph X-service supports real-time availability checking to exclude unavailable (checked out, in process…) items; while the real-time availability checking using Z39.50 is lacked in Aleph. A consortial project of Hong Kong self-financing institutes ( involves 4 members using Aleph and 1 member using Innovative’s Millennium and wants to improve this situation to let Aleph to locate Innovative’s Millennium records with real-time availability checking. The result:

To achieve this, the Open University of Hong Kong Library  developed a middle system emulating Aleph X-service behind which is actually Innovative’s Millennium. When Aleph locates records in the emulated system, it will go through the path: (1) Aleph ILL Locate -> (2) Emulated Aleph X-service -> (3) Primo Bibliographical Record X-service and Millennium’s Item Availability API. This document describes how to achieve this.

We developed Java classes and a Jsp program hosted by a Apache Tomcat to act as a disguised Aleph X-service. The whole pack of sources codes (with Javadoc) can be found here The main Java classes and the Jsp program are described as below:

1. src\hk\edu\csids\bookquery\ the Java class for handling query by ISBN to Innovative Millennium.

2. src\hk\edu\csids\bookqueryPrimoQueryByNonISBN: the Java class for handling query by title, author, publisher, publishing year, edition, and volume to Innovative Millennium.

3. src\hk\edu\csids\bookquery\config.txt: the configuration file for configuring query targets.

4. src\X: the Jsp file emulates Aleph X-Service.

5. src\IIIRTA.PHP: Real-time Availability API source codes for Innovative Millennium

The above class files needed to be put on the proper application folder under an Apache Tomcat . Besides, the programs are hosted by an Apache Tomcat and by default it only recognizes Jsp with the extension “.jsp; for a Tomcat sees “X” as a Jsp. The configuration file “conf/web.xml” needed to be modified the section “<servlet-mapping>” as to:



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