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Browse Search Bar Integration for MetaLib 4


This script makes it possible for users to add databases searchable via MetaLib to Firefox 2’s or Internet Explorer 7’s search function (makes the database in MetaLib a search engine in the browser) to make them immediately available. The user can enter the search query in the browser’s toolbar, which then initiates a MetaLib session to fetch the actual results. Single databases and quicksets can be searched.



  1. Download the package and extract it somewhere (tar -xf <filename>).
  2. Copy opensearch.cgi to m4_x/apache/htdocs/cgi-bin and make it executable (chmod +x opensearch.cgi).
  3. Copy v-add_searchbar.png to m4_x/[MetaLib:inst]/icon_eng (and other languages if applicable). You can of course substitute a better icon if you have one.
  4. Modify opensearch.cgi and change the URL settings and service name to match your installation. Check also that perl path is correct in opensearch.cgi (our path is m4_3).
  5. Modify the files according to the information in opensearch.diff. Might work automatically using patch command, but you can also just add the lines marked with + sign into the specified files (without the + sign).


MetaLib:version 0.2


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