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Browser extensions to print Alma loans receipts

NOTE: Printing via emails is the no longer required. The recommended way to handle printing is to use the online printing functionality instead. For more details see the online help

Alma’s email-based printing system is from the first impact rather complicated to implement, configure and maintain and usually disliked by the IT departments, so I wondered if it is not possible to have a button that simply opens a popup window with a loan slip/receipt ready for printing.

Waiting that something like this will hopefully be implemented directly by the exlibris developers, I wrote an extension available for firefox and chrome that adds a “Print Slip” button in the fulfillment Patron services Alma page when loans are made and/or displayed: when the button is pressed a loan slip/receipt is displayed immediately:
Press the “Print the Receipt” button and a popup window with the loan receipt is displayed:
Depending on extension configuration (see below), a print dialog window is also displayed:
If you click on the extension icon in the browser toolbar:
the configuration page will be displayed:
Here you can customize the some text (button name, institution), look of the receipt (institution logo url, css), and if you want to display it or to display and print it immediately:
If you do not want to display some line (ex., the signature), simply add a “display: none;” to the relative CSS; since it is a flexbox css  you can also change the order of the lines swapping the “order: n;” part. Deleting the lines simply restore the configuration to default.


The extensions source code is available on GitHub:
– For firefox is available a xpi file: drag and drop it on the browser window.
– For chrome you have to download the chrome_alma_print_extension directory, then go to chome://extensions, activate the delevopers mode and then load non packaged extension from the directory saved locally.


Nobody’s perfect, so here you a couple of glitches:

  • After installation you have to modify and then save the configuration or the button will be “undefined”.
  • Sometimes the loan table of the first receipt you display to print may contain a row with “sorted”/”Sortable” text, or a duplicated header: if this bother you simply click on returns tab and then on loans tab to reload the page.

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