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Cal State SFX menu theme

  • Description

A set of CSS files, images, and templates for making the SFX “simplified templates” look like the Cal State SFX menu.

  • Author: David Walker
  • Institution: California State University
  • Year: 2008
  • License: GPL v. 3 or later
  • Link to terms: GNU General Public License
  • Skill required for using this code: Intermediate. You need telnet and FTP access to your SFX server so that you can upload files.



Software requirements

You need to be running SFX version 3 ( release 20080401 April 2008 ) or higher.

Author(s) homepage


Version 1.1


Version 1.1

  • updated the sfxmenu.tmpl file to include changes to that template from April 2009 SFX update

Working example

Installation instructions

See a video with instructions (and other ramblings) here:
Download and unzip the files.  Using FTP, upload the files into your SFX instance.  The files in the .zip should go here:
  • img => [SFX:instance]/templates/img/simplified_template1/general/default/
  • css => [SFX:instance]/templates/css/simplified_template1/
  • tmpl => [SFX:instance]/templates/simplified_template1/

You’ll need to break the symbolic links on the existing files on the server before you can upload the new ones.

The templates (tmpl) are optional. The video goes over why you might want to use them, but leaving the main sfxmenu.tmpl file symbolically linked is safer for updates.

In your SFX admin center, under Administrator Tools:
  • Go to Menu Configuration > Menu Design.
  • Select the simplified template.
  • Under Menu Design set the “Header image type” to “no image,” and deselect “show image in sfx banner.”
  • Under Target Design change “target icon” to “icon”
  • Using the “change” link set all of the icon images to “blank”
  • Click “change” again on the getFullTxt service, and in the “pick image” menu scroll to the bottom.
  • Use the “upload new icon” box to upload the two images in the icons folder from the .zip
  • Assign these new icons to the getFullTxt (full_text.gif) and getHoldings (catalog.gif)

Refresh your SFX menu to make sure the changes took place.  It should look like the working example above.

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