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Configure a Z39.50 Refworks client to work with Alma

The following steps are required in order to configure a Z39.50 Refworks client to work with Alma:

  1. In the Refworks client administrative application, select Search > OnlineCatalog or Database. The Online Catalog or Database dialog box opens.
  2. Click the Request a Z39.50 Site link. The Request dialog box opens.
  3. In the Z39.50 Site Name box, enter the name that you want to display for your institution in Refworks.
  4. In the Details box, enter the following:
    • Server: The Alma server: for Europeanlibraries, for North American libraries, for APAC libraries.
    • Port: Specify 210
    • Database: This is the Alma institution code, such as 01EXL_INST.
    • User and password, if defined in Alma
  5. Click Send request.

For more information regarding the z39.50 protocol and Alma, see Z39.50.

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