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Configure My Account Header Tab to Open in a New Window/Tab


These instructions provide steps for changing the My Account Header Tab in the Voyager Tomcat OPAC Interface to open a link in a new tab/Window rather than in the current Window.

The instructions show that the link has been changed to an external URL (in this case,

You will need to backup and edit four files:

  1. header.xsl
  2. internal properties
  3. pageProperties.xml

These are all found in the /m1/voyager/xxxdb/tomcat/vwebv/context/vwebv/ui/MYSKIN folder

ALWAYS back up files before making changes.  And ALWAYS test changes in different browsers (Edge, Chrome, etc.)\


STEP 1  Edit the header.xsl file

Find this section:

                  <xsl:for-each select=”$Configs/pageConfigs/headerTabDisplayOrder/tab”>

                     <xsl:variable name=”tempName” select=”@name”/>

And add this line below it:

<xsl:variable name=”newWin” select=”@clickOpensNewWindow”/>

Find this section:

                     <xsl:call-template name=”buildHeaderTab”>

                        <xsl:with-param name=”displayTab” select=”$tempName”/>

And add this line below it:

<xsl:with-param name=”newWin” select=”$newWin”/>

Find this section:

          <xsl:template name=”buildHeaderTab”>

                    <xsl:param name=”displayTab”/>

And add this line below it:

<xsl:param name=”newWin”/>

Find this section:

      <li class=”{$tabClass}” title=”{page:buttonMessage}”>

         <a href=”{page:buttonAction}” name=”{@nameId}”>

And add these lines below it:

                <xsl:if test=”$newWin=’true'”>

                    <xsl:attribute name=”target”>newWin</xsl:attribute>


Step 2.  Edit the file


(This changes the link to an external web page)

Step 3. Edit the file

Comment out this section:

      <tab name=”page.header.buttons.myAccount.button”>









And add this line directly beneath it:

      <tab name=”page.header.buttons.myNewAccount.button” clickOpensNewWindow=”true” />

(Note that “myNewAccount.button” matches the tag text in the following change in Step 4.)

Step 4.  Edit the file

Find this section:

And add these lines:

page.header.buttons.myNewAccount.button=My New Account

page.header.buttons.myNewAccount.message=My New Account

(You can change “My New Account” to be any text you wish. The myNewAccount.button tag must match what is in Step 3.)

Step 5.  Test your changes

You should see something like this:

The default “My Account” Header Tab is now replaced with my new “My New Account” Header Tab.

Mouseover of my “My New Account” Header Tab shows my external link in the lower left corner.

Clicking on the “My New Account” Header Tab opens the link in a new browser tab.

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