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Convert SFX KB update reports to spreadsheets

  • Description

This script reads tab-delimited text files and converts them to Excel spreadsheets.

  • Author: Rich Wenger
  • Institution: Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  • Year: 2012
  • License: BSD style
  • Short description: Use, modification and distribution of the code are permitted provided the copyright notice, list of conditions and disclaimer appear in all related material.
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Programming language


Software requirements

Perl module Spreadsheet::WriteExcel;


Installation instructions

1. Install Perl packages Spreadsheet::WriteExcel.
2. Download the script
3. If Spreadsheet::WriteExcel is installed in private libraries, uncomment and adjust the ‘use lib’ statement in the script.
4. Syntax is:  perl tab2excel –filein=<input tab-delimited file> –fileout=<output spreadsheet file>

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