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Converting Aleph patron PLIF records into Alma’s SIS format

So, you’ve moved to Alma, but your patron records are still in Aleph PLIF format. In this article we will describe a xsl file that can be used in order to convert Aleph patron PLIF records into Alma’s SIS format.

The XSLT file is a template that handles the conversion of PLIF file (with any number of patrons) into Alma format.

There are a few fields that can be manipulated according to customer needs:

  • User group
  • Password
  • Status
  • User block
  • User note
  • User statistic


For example:


The conversion can be done using any XML+XSL tool.
Update July 2021: You can use this XSL in the SIS Integration Profile to have it run automatically as a part of the SIS import. See the online help for more details.

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