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CopyCAT Program for Bulk Processing Using Z39.50 with Chinese Charset Handling Capability

I in the blog entry “ILL Borrowing Locate at Item Level Using Z39.50 with Avaibility and Volume Checking” provide a Java program to search over Z39.50 service enabled ILSs. Extended from that programs, I further developed a CopyCAT program which allows to fetch MARC records from Z39.50 enabled ILSs for bulk processing. The source codes are found here: For the setup and use please refer to the document “CopyCAT Program Installation Guide.docx” & “ILL Locate Program for Aleph Installation Guide.docx” in

One function is worth to be noted here, the Java class function “breakMarc()” makes Chinese character sets conversion that Chinese characters using Big5 and/or EACC/CCCII would be detected and converted into Unicode automatically. The Chinese handling functions are in in where I also implemented a function to convert simplified Chinese into traditional Chinese with smart wording correction.

Wai-yan NG (The Open University of Hong Kong,

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