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Customizing Metadata Display in Your Viewer

Institutions can customize the XSL transformation that displays collection, IE- and file-level metadata in the viewers. This gist provides examples of the exported raw XMLs that are transformed.

See also Rosetta Staff User Guide, Ch. 8: Delivery XSLs.

2 Replies to “Customizing Metadata Display in Your Viewer”

  1. Hi Opher

    Thanks for this.

    We have linked our image IEs to use the IIIF Universal Viewer.

    Wondering which XML files are available for the creation of the viewer. That is, for our particular case the ie.xml is used by the IIIF Universal Viewer – for the creation of content in the ‘MORE INFORMATION’ slider

    Just wondering for clarification


  2. Hi Dave,

    The closest you can get is with a request for a deliver METS – {delivery_server_url}/delivery/DeliveryManagerServlet?dps_pid={IE_PID}&dps_func=mets. Two things to keep in mind: The IIIF Manifestation Representation Profile will narrow your IE to a single representation (based on the provided input parameters), and there is some content that is added to the manifest on the fly.


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