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D2IR (InnReach API) Publishing Troubleshooting

How can I find out why a record’s publishing fails?

You may notice that the routine republish job tries unsuccessfully to republish a record. This is indicated by the MMS ID in the Errors section of the job report –

Looking at the Job’s Events will have some more information on the exact failure –

You can now export the events list to an Excel, where searching by the MMS ID will easily find the exact description of the failure –

Report this error to Innovative. This is the text that the InnReach D2IR API responded with to Alma when the record was published.

Note : When reporting to Innovative, it is not enough to just report the MMS ID. Add also other information about the record, mainly title and  ISBN, to make it easier for Innovative staff to identify the record in your InnReach server.

The same record keeps being republished unsuccessfully. What can I do ?

You may notice that the publishing repeatedly fails, and that the same list of MMS IDs fail. This may be evident by noticing the same list of MMS IDs in the Errors section of the job report. Publishing the same record is probably re-attempted over and over  again. As long as the publishing fails, the record remains in the queue for another attempt in the next job run, which will probably also fail.

If you’re able to analyze (with help from Innovative and Ex Libris support if required) why the record is failing, and you just want to clear out the jobs error, you can use the below method to clean out the records from the publishing profile, so that their republishing will not be attempted again (and again and again …).

  1. Change the publishing profile to OAI. Use some dummy Set Spec and Set Name

2. Run the profile. Make sure to use the Run option and not the Republish

This successful dummy publishing of the records will remove them from the profile’s publishing queue.

3. Change the profile back to use Inn-Reach

How can I publish a specific item ?

For troubleshooting purposes, you may want to try publishing only a single record from the set and have Innovative or Ex Libris staff analyze that specific record. For this purpose:

  1. Find the item you want to try out and save that as a set –

2. Duplicate the profile

  1. Use the single item set as the new profile’s set

4. You can now re-attempt publishing the record using the Publish button, and choose the Rebuild Entire Index option in order to have the single item republished.

Publishing profile is stuck ! What do I do ?

No panic ! If it looks like the publishing profile is not republishing changes routinely as expected, try to understand if there’s a specific record that is causing the profile to not publish changes. For example, if the profile Report seems to indicate the same records are republished over and over again but other records are not, then:

  • Create another set that is identical to the first but without the problematic records
  • Duplicate the publishing profile and use the new set as its set
  • Turn off the schedule of the existing problematic publishing profile
  • Run a full republish on the new profile and set
  • When the republish is done, turn on the schedule for the new publishing profile and set
  • Don’t forget to report to Ex Libris and Innovative about the problematic record !

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