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Defining Google App for social login in campusM

campusM supports login using social network details. See Social Login for more details.
Following are instructions for defining a Google app to allow login to campusM using Google .

  1. Connect to Google APIs Console with the institution’s google account.
  2. Create a project with any name.
  3. In the left pane, select “Credentials” > “Oath consent screen”. Enter:

Authorized domains: campusM domain (For example:

Product logo URL: Optional. Recommended

4. In the left pane, select “Credentials” > “Create Credentials” > “Oath Client ID”: Enter the following values:

Application type: Web application
Name: any name the institution chooses
Authorized redirect URIs: put the URI here: <campusM domain>/cmauth/oauth/callback (For example:

Note that it is possible to configure here several URIs. This means that you can define here a sandbox URI, and later on add the production URI.

5. After registration is completed, Google gives the following credentials: Client ID, Client Secret

The App ID and App secret should be defined in campusM in the “Social Login” integration profile. See campusM OLH for more details.

6. In the Dashboard, choose “Enable APIs and Services”:

Search for “Google+ API”, and enable it.

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