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Derivative Copy Submission Tool

Rosetta 5.1 introduces a new job for adding derivative copy representations to existing IEs. This job is useful when derivative copy files are created externally and need to be added to Rosetta. The job consumes a folder similar to a regular Rosetta SIP, with a METS container file and related streams. Additional information about the job is available in the Rosetta Staff User Guide.

To simplify the submission process, a Java submission tool is provided. The tool generates a derivative copy submission folder with a METS file for a set of files in a directory (and its sub-directories).

Input parameters are:

  • IE_PID – the IE PID to which the representation will be added
  • REP_ENTITY_TYPE – the representation entity type (should match a type defined in the representation entity type code table
  • REP_CODE –  the representation code should match a code defined in the ‘representation code’ code table
  • SOURCE_PATH – the NFS location of the existing files
  • TARGET_PATH – the desired NFS location of the created submission folder

The tool will generate a logical structmap based on the structure of  SOURCE_PATH and generate labels from filenames (without extension). File order is based on filename (0-9A-z).

Note: To replace an IE’s existing derivative copy representation, use the same representation entity type and representation code and the existing representation.


The tool is based on the Rosetta Deposit SDK and is available on Github.

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