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Detailed log files for all API requests

Lately, we have added a new feature to the Developer Network: it is possible to configure for a specific API-key that all requests made using it will be logged and saved for 3 months.

Simply turn on “Save detailed log files”, and visit the site the next day.

Under the Reports page, History tab, you’ll have a separate file for each API-key you have activated it for.

Log files will rotate each month to avoid huge files.

For each API request, there will be one line in the log file. For example:

2020-06-10T14:03:29.306 institution=01DEMO_INST key=540cf2 method=GET url=/almaws/v1/bibs?view=brief&representation_id=1287739940000561 gateway=na returnedStatus=200 reqPerSecLeft=24 remoteIP=

The key is the last 6 character of the API-key

The returnedStatus is the HTTP code which Alma returned for the API request.

reqPerSecLeft is the number of requests per second which were allowed when this request was made.

We hope you’ll find this information useful.

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