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Developer Network Update – 2016

At the end of the second year since the launch of the Ex Libris Developer Network, we’re happy to share with the community some milestones.

Growing Usage

The Developer Network has seen continued growth in usage since it was launched, and now serves over 10,000 sessions a  month for more than 5,000 unique visitors.

Active Developer Community

Since the launch of the Developer Network, 160 blog entries have been posted. The blog is a great way for Ex Libris developers and members of the community to share solutions to common problems, tips & tricks, and useful code samples and apps. If you have a technical challenge to solve with Ex Libris’s products, a quick Google search might reveal that someone else has shared a time-saving solution.

We’re delighted to note that the blog contributions are split evenly between members of the customer community and Ex Libris staff.

Record Alma API Usage

Alma now has over 120 REST APIs. And developers in the Alma community have put those APIs to good use. Alma now routinely serves a million API calls a day. The applications which make those API calls provide patrons of Alma libraries with access to services contributed by library developers and automate many of the daily tasks performed by library staff. This level of usage is a testament to the creativity and ingenuity of the Alma developer community.

We hope you’ll help us continue the momentum. Continue to find innovative and productive uses for the APIs and integrations documented here. And continue to share those accomplishments with the Ex Libris developer community via the Developer Network blog. We thank you for your interest and support.

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