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Exporting Electronic Holdings to RAPID

This article describes the required steps in order to export Electronic Portfolios from Alma to RAPID:
    1. In Alma, go to Manage Jobs -> Run a Job, and select “Export Electronic Portfolios“:
    2. You will be asked to select a set of the records that will be exported to RAPID. This should be a predefined set containing the population of records you want to export.
      The recommended set definition for exporting to RAPID:
      Electronic portfolio where Electronic Portfolio (Availability equals “Available”)
    3. In the “Task parameters” form, define the following parameters:

Physical Format: Google Scholar XML schema
Number of records in file: One File
Export into folder: Private
FTP / sub directory: leave empty
Add interface name: CHECK this box

After the Job has finished successfully, go to Resource Management > Manage Exports > View Files ,and download File to PC via the Actions button. Upload the file to RAPID using their instructions.
Note that in the job report you might see exceptions. This is normal. It is because some records don’t have Interface Names. Interface Names are required by RAPID.

Note that it is possible to set up conditions to exclude some material types in the Search Query:

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