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Exporting Electronic Portfolios from Alma to BrowZine

BrowZine is a free app for accessing and reading content from academic journals on the iPad. This article describes the required steps in order to export portfolios from Alma to BrowZine for institutions that are not part of a network. Instructions for a network institutions can be found here.
  1. In Alma, go to Manage Jobs -> Run a Job, and select “Export Electronic Portfoli
  2. You will be asked to select a set of the portfolios that will be exported to BrowZine. This should be a predefined set containing the population of portfolios you want to export.
    The recommended set definition for exporting to BrowZine:
    “Electronic Titles where All titles (Material Type equals “Journal”)”
  3. In the “Task parameters” form, define the following parameters:
Physical Format: Google Scholar XML schema
Number of records in file: One File
Export into folder: Private/Insitution
Add interface name (CHECK this box)

For Manual One-Time Export

  • Leave the “FTP”, “sub-directory” fields blank.
  • Take the resulting XML file and save it to your desktop. ZIP this file to compress it and make it much smaller.
  • Go to, fill out the form and attach the zipped XML file.
  • Note: BrowZine recommends to append “Alma “ to the “Institution Name” field. For example: “Purdue University ALMA”.
For Automated uploading to the Third Iron FTP Server
Select FTP / sub-directory of pre-defined FTP with the following details:
  • Server:
  • Port: 22
  • Sub-directory –
  • Min. Number of Files 1
  • Size type: GB
  • Ftp Server Secured: Yes U
  • serName / Password: Given by Third Iron Support:
  • Max Number of Files: 100 Max File size: 10
  • Allow Navigation: False
  • Ftp Server Type: Default
Running the “Export Electronic Portfolios” job automatically using APIs
In order to automate the process end-to-end, you can run the job, as any other job from the ‘run a job’ list, using an API call.
After configuring the set and parameters you’ll reach step 5 of the wizard. There you’ll find the “API information” section. Copy the URL and XML and review if any changes are needed.
Configure an API-key with read/write permission for the “Configuration” APIs and use it to run the API using the mentioned URL and XML, and the POST method.
You can then schedule a script to do that for you automatically using UNIX crontab or Windows Task Scheduler.
Note that in the API workflow does not have a real “connected user”. Hence there is no meaning for placing the exported file in the “private” folder when exporting using API.



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  1. Works great, now if we could just schedule it to run on a regular basis we’d be happy. Thank you! Sue Dentinger, Univ of Wisconsin – Madison

    By Sue Dentinger on July 8, 2016 at 4:11 PM

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