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How to create an Alma set of Electronic Portfolios using the Portfolio ID from an Alma Analytics report

It is possible to create sets in Alma from Alma Analytics reports. For detailed information on this topic see Creating sets in Alma from Alma Analytics Reports.

This is often useful because it allows the staff user to take advantage of the rich functionality of Alma analytics to filter and retrieve a very specific set of entities.  After the results are obtained in Analytics they can then be used to create a set in Alma.  The set in Alma can then be used, for example, as input in many of the jobs located at  ‘Administration > Manage Jobs and Sets > Run a Job’.

On our specific example here we create an Alma Analytics report of portfolios and then use the Portfolio ID in the report to create an Alma itemized set of ‘set content type’ ‘Electronic Portfolios’.  As explained at Creating Itemized Sets, when creating an itemized set of content type ‘Electronic Portfolios’ there must be a column header either with value ‘Portfolio ID’ or ‘PID’.  The report should be in table format and also not have a title, so that the first value read at the top of the report will be a column header.  This will become clear as we go through the example step by step below.

In our example below we have created a report named ‘Portfolios with Usage TR_J1 greater than or equal to 100 in the previous fiscal period’.  The report displays the following fields from the ‘E-Inventory’ subject area:

  • “Portfolio Id” from the “Portfolio” folder
  • “Title” from the “Bibliographic Details” folder
  • “Electronic Collection Public Name” from the “Electronic Collection” folder
  • “Usage TR_J1” from the “Cost Usage” > “Cost Usage Measures” folder
  • “Fiscal Period Description” from the “Fiscal Period” folder

The report filters as follows:

  • “Lifecycle” from the “Portfolio” folder = ‘In Repository’
  • “Fiscal Period Filter” from the “Fiscal Period” folder = ‘Previous Fiscal Year’
  • “Usage TR_J1” from the “Cost Usage” > “Cost Usage Measures” folder >= 100

Here is the criteria tab:

Here is the results tab:

Now we will remove the title:

Now we have the report without the title and it is ready to be used as input for creation of an itemized set in Alma.  Note the first column “Portfolio Id”:

Now in Alma we will go to “Admin > Manage Jobs and Sets > Manage Sets”:

We will choose “Add Set > Itemized”:

We will give the set a name and  in this case choose ‘Set Content Type’ = ‘Electronic portfolios’. Note that the set name does not need to be the same name as the analytics report:

In the “Add Contents from File to Set” section we will choose “From Analytics”:

Select the folder and report which will be used to create the set:

Click ‘Save’ on the top right:

A job ‘Add members to Set’ will run:

The set is created and has the same members as the analytics report from which it was created:

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