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How to export and import a Package (dva) file in Data Visualization (DV)

A dva file is a file containing a Data Visualization workbook.  In this blog post we will be using Alma Analytics Data Visualization (DV) to export a workbook to a dva file and then import the dva file to Alma Analytics Data Visualization (DV).  We will export from one environment and import to another environment.  Thus the format of the workbook will be the same, but the data will be different.

While Alma Data Visualization and Primo VE Data Visualization are accessed from separate menu entries, the methods of using the Data Visualization is the same (it is the same Data Visualization but with different data).

Using a dva file users can easily share workbooks by exchanging the dva files.

This is the workbook which we will export and import:


Export the Workbook


The dva file is exported


Now in another environment we will import the dva file




Select the file and click “Import”


A new workbook will get created from the dva file and it will be created in the in the “My Folders”


Here we have opened the workbook.  It has the same format as the one we exported.  We imported to a different environment so the data is different, but the format is the same.



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