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How to install and use the Alma Refine cloud app

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The cloud apps is “an open framework which allows developers to write apps which run inside Ex Libris higher education products such as Alma, Primo VE backoffice, Esploro, Leganto and Rapido.” (Announcing Ex Libris Cloud Apps)

The Alma Refine cloud app allows the staff user to refine bibliographic records with services that adhere to the OpenRefine standard. References to the Getty vocabularies, WikiData, and GeoNames are included with the app.

The screenshots and flow below is effective as of the Aug. 2020 Alma release.

To install the “Alma Refine” cloud app:


On top right of the Alma landing page click the link to the Cloud App Center


In the “Available Apps” column find the app “Print Bib Records” and click it.  You can find it by scrolling through the list or by using the search icon.


After clicking the app you can click the link to read more about it on the app center or click install.  We will click install.


The app will then appear in the installed apps tab and clicking it will activate it for use


This app can either be used on a set or on results of the repository search.  We will use an example here from the results of the repository search.

In our example the first result of our search will have these two fields:

655 _7 |a Anamorphoses |y 1700-1900. |2


655 _7 |a Physionotrace works |z Europe |y 18th century. |2


The subfield 2 “aat” is the Art & Architecture Thesaurus (Getty Research Institute).  Therefore we will be able to use the “Getty Vocabularies” Refine Service.


Here we have, for example,  done a physical titles search for title keywords “diversity inclusion”, chosen to refine selected records, and chosen MMSID 99251610800121


After selecting records we choose the refine service.  We will choose “Getty Vocabularies” and then click “Begin refining”.




After clicking “Begin Refining” the relevant field(s) appear and can be be chosen to be refined.

Note that in order to view the data more easily you can click the expand / collapse icon on the top right.

After choosing the refinement click save.

Note that in some cases, depending on the vocabulary and the heading, you will be able to choose from multiple refinements.  This is the case for example for heading “Physionotrace works” above:


After clicking “Save” you will get a message of how many records were updated


Now we can see that the recird was refined.  The subfield 0 was added to the relevant field(s) in the record(s):.

655 _7 |a anamorphoses |y 1700-1900. |2 aat |0
655 _7 |a physionotrace works |z Europe |y 18th century. |2 aat |0


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