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How to install and use the Copy User Roles cloud app

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The cloud apps is “an open framework which allows developers to write apps which run inside Ex Libris higher education products such as Alma, Primo VE backoffice, Esploro, Leganto and Rapido.” (Announcing Ex Libris Cloud Apps)

The Copy User Roles cloud app (see also these directions on the github) allows the staff user to copy user roles from one user to another. This is useful when staff users create new users who are part of library staff. The app was created by Universität St. Gallen.

The screenshots and flow below is effective as of the February 2022 Alma release.

To install the “Copy User Roles” cloud app:


On top right of the Alma landing page click the link to the Cloud App Center



In the “Available Apps” column find the app “Copy User Roles” and click it.  You can find it by scrolling through the list or by using the search icon.

Install it by clicking “Activate”.



The app will then appear in the installed apps tab and you can open it


While some Cloud Apps require configuration, the “Copy User Roles” Cloud App does not.

You can simply begin using it.

Here is the patron from whom we will want to copy roles.  Thurston Howell has 9 roles:

Here is the patron to whom we will want to copy roles. Lillian Müller has 1 role:




Open the “Copy User Roles” app.


Search for the App

Find the App

Open the App



Now we will copy the roles.

If you have already searched for and found Lillian Müller while you open the app then this user will automatically appear in the “Copy roles to this user” field.

Note that we have checked the box “Replace existing roles”.  This means the current roles will be replaced (and not added to) by the roles of the other user.

After both users are selected click “Copy User Roles”


Look at Lillian Müller (the user to whom the roles were copied) and see that she now has the same roles at Thurston Howell (the user from whom the roles were copied).



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