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How to install and use the Role Toggler cloud app

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The cloud apps is “an open framework which allows developers to write apps which run inside Ex Libris higher education products such as Alma, Primo VE backoffice, Esploro, Leganto and Rapido.” (Announcing Ex Libris Cloud Apps)

The Role Toggler cloud app allows the staff user to Quickly activate and deactivate an Alma user’s roles.

The screenshots and flow below is effective as of the Aug. 2020 Alma release.

To install the “Role Toggler” cloud app:


On top right of the Alma landing page click the link to the Cloud App Center


In the “Available Apps” column find the app “Role Toggler” and click it.  You can find it by scrolling through the list or by using the search icon.

Install it by clicking “Install”.


The app will then appear in the installed apps tab and clicking it will activate it for use


This app can be used on a user to globally activate or deactivate all of the user’s roles except for roles which have been excluded from the process.

For example we may want to activate or deactivate all roles of a user except for the patron role.

Define which roles will be excluded from the global activation  and deactivation.

Click the three dots and then configuration


Click “Add” and then add the Patron role (to be excluded)


Retrieve a patron.  Here we see that user Alicia Chen has 27 active roles


With Alicia retrieved and in focus in the user interface we will click ‘deactivate’ and then see that it is successful and that Alicia has only one role still active (the patron role which we excluded).


Now the user has only one active role:


Now we activate the roles


Get message that the update was successful


See that now the roles have been activated

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