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How to make a copy of the dashboard and all its prompts and reports

When you make a copy of dashboard using the copy-paste method, dashboard’s reports and prompts are still linked to the original. Because of this, the dashboard must be edited to use the newly copied reports and prompts. This tedious task is eliminated if you make a copy of the dashboard using Archive and restore it to the desired folder with Unarchive.

More info about archive/unarchive method can be found in following presentation:
How to edit and change a default Alma Analytics dashboard using the archive method.pptx

  1. In this example, I made a copy of the API Usage dashboard and all it’s prompts and reports from Alma Shared Folders to My Folders. First I selected the folder and clicked Archive.

2. I didn’t want to keep the permissions of the original but clicked OK.

3. Next, the browser asks where to save the archive file on my computer.

4. I created a new folder under My Folders where to restore the archive file by selecting Unarchive.

5. Unarchive asks for the file and how to extract it. I made sure in the ACL that Inherit is selected, so the permissions are inherited from my folder and not from the original, not even if I had selected “Keep Permissions” in the archive creation step.

6. Now I have a working copy of the API Usage dashboard that I can edit and see the changes made.


3 Replies to “How to make a copy of the dashboard and all its prompts and reports”

  1. Do we need to do anything to allow Archive/Unarchive options? I do not see either Archive or Unarchive when I’m on the same screen as these examples.

    I have Analytics Administrator and Designs Analytics roles (among many others).

  2. I don’t see these Archive / Unarchive options.
    Are there some secret permissions that we need to ask Ex Libris?

  3. You may need to have right roles in Analytics to have archive/unarchive available. In Alma I have Analytics Administrator, Design Analytics and many other admin roles. I don’t know how Alma roles are mapped to Analytics roles.

    In the upper right corner of Analytics, there is a person icon from which you can select My Account to check which Application Roles you have.

    I have these roles in Application Role tab (first two are our institution roles replaced with X):
    Authenticated User
    BI Consumer
    BI Content Author

    I hope this helps.

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