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How to publish (export) a set of bibliographic records in OAI format using the general publishing profile

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A set of bibliographic records can be published (exported) in OAI format using the general publishing profile.


Identify the set of records which you want to export in OAI format.

We will use set “Subject equals Feminist Theory”


Navigate to “Resources > Publishing > Publishing Profiles” and choose “Add Profile > General Profile”


Choose, among the many other fields in the publishing profile: the profile name, the set of records and desired output format.

In the publishing protocol section choose OAI and assign a Set Spec and a Set Name

We use:

  • Set Spec = FemTheorySpec
  • Set Name = FemTheoryName



If the job is scheduled wait for it to run.  Otherwise run it manually then see and get the records via standard OAI protocol.

See and get the sets via standard OAI protocol:



You can now use Examples of OAI Syntax to retrieve records in the set.

For example

This will retrieve all records in the set:

This will retrieve record with identifier oai:urm_oai:99177137400121


This will retrieve records by set spec and time stamp as follows:

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