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How to see an example of how the New Order API integration profile defines and finds a match on an existing record in five easy steps

In this blog post we will show that the New Order API integration profile is designed to match on an ISBN.

We will then see that when a new order is created the order is attached to an existing bibliographic record if one exists with the same ISBN as in the input.

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Using multiple New Order API integration profiles


We have two integration profiles of type “New Order API”


See that “E Zafrani New Order API: matches on
     A. ISSN Match Method (exact subfield match)
     B. ISBN Match Method (exact subfield match)


See that we have in our repository a record with the following
     A. Title: Kentucky women: their lives and times
     B. ISBN: 9780820347523
     C. MMSID: 99220310400121


The input for the new order API will be as follows. Note the ISBN in the resource_metadata section.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?>
<owner desc="Main Library">ULINC</owner>
<type desc="Electronic Title - One Time">ELECTRONIC_TITLE_OT</type>
<vendor desc="J and S Ltd. (Formerly &quot;Johnson and Smith Ltd.&quot;)">JS</vendor>
<acquisition_method desc="Purchase">PURCHASE</acquisition_method>
<currency desc="US Dollar">USD</currency>
<source_type desc="Manual Entry">MANUALENTRY</source_type>
<title>Kentucky women : their lives and times</title>
<author>McEuen, Melissa A</author>
<publisher>University of Georgia Press</publisher>
<fund_code desc="Library and Information Science">LIS</fund_code>
<currency desc="US Dollar">USD</currency>
<license desc="">
<material_type desc="Book">BOOK</material_type>


Do a POST as follows. Note that it uses the New Order API integration profile E_Zafrani_New_Order_API which we saw above which matches by “ISBN Match Method (exact subfield match)”:

In the Body choose application/xml and put in the xml from above.
Get response with POL number and MMSID.  See that it is the POL-45512 and MMSID 99220310400121 which is the existing MMSID we saw above:

You will see that if you search Alma the new POL has been connected to the existing bibliographic record and a new one was not created:

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