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How to set up and use the Alma Print Daemon

The Alma Print Daemon allows the institution to automatically print to a defined a printer those letters which have been sent to the Printouts Queue.

While this blog will focus on the Print Daemon, it is highly recommended to first be familiar with the setup and functionality of the Printout Queue, and this can be achieved via the following presentation: The Printout Queue and Quick Printing in Alma .

Step One

Make sure you have an API Key with read permission for the Configuration area, and read/write permissions for the Task-Lists area.

If you do not have one then

  1. From the developer network click “Build My APIs”
  2. Click “Manage Keys” under “API Keys”
  3. Click “Add API Key”
  4. Call it for example “read Configuration area and read write Task-lists”
  5. Add permissions

Here is the API key

Step Two

Install the Print Daemon as follows:

1. Access the Alma Print Daemon from the Ex Libris Developer Network.

2. Scroll to the end and click “More Info”.


3. Double click and install the “alma-print-daemon-Setup-1.0.0.exe


Step Three

Configure the Alma Print Daemon as follows:

1. Open the Application


2. Access the configurations


3. Fill in the configuration
– Select your region
– Add the API Key from number one above, choose desired printer and desired printout queue
– Choose Printout Queue(s) (we chose “Main Desk Printer with Printout Queue”)
– Choose desired printer (we chose HP Deskjet 4640 Series)
– Select Automatic printing and desired interval (we chose 1 minute)

Step Four

Make sure the Print Daemon is “open” and activated to automatically print

Now you just need to make sure that the print Daemon is open on the PC that has access to the desired printer (in our case HP Deskjet 4640 Series)

Step Five

Try it out.

In Alma select location including printer which was selected in the Print Daemon configuration.

Print a letter which will go to the Print Queue.

For example print the “Resource Request Slip” letter by doing “Fulfillment > Resource Requests > Pick From Shelf” and then”Print Slip” for a resource.

See that the letter is sent to the Print Queue at “Admin > Printing > Printouts Queue”

Within one minute (the time of the “interval” defined above in the Print Daemon configuration) the letter is printed on the HP Deskjet 4640 Series (as defined above in the Print Daemon configuration)

See in the Printout Queue that now the letter is printed

Tip 1 of 2:

If you want to test this but but do not have a printer set up for your PC (or do not want to waste paper when testing it) then you can can make your printer be the “Microsoft Print to PDF”, like as follows:

Then when you print something the letter will go to the Printouts Queue and within one minute (the time of the “interval” defined above in the Print Daemon configuration) the system will prompt you to save the PDF (may depend on local PC settings also)

The the letter is printed to PDF

And the letter now appears as printed in the Printouts Queue

Tip 2 of 2:

If you try to test this with the Loan Receipt letter and Return Receipt Letter make sure that

  1. Both letters are enabled
  2. The Circulation Desk Configuration has the following:

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