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How to use functions on fields in Alma Analytics Data Visualization (DV)

In this blog post we will be using Alma Analytics Data Visualization (DV) to perform a function on a specific field.  We will do the REPLACE function.  Other examples may be, for example, to use the LEFT or RIGHT function.

We will do this using OAS (Oracle Analytics Server) Data Visualization, specifically how it is used with Alma in the framework of Alma Analytics.


Access the Data Visualization and create a project


We are making a project in the Fulfillment subject area.  We have noted that the “Policy Name” field sometimes has the word “loan” with a lower case L and sometimes has the word “Loan” with an upper case L.  We will use the REPLACE function to change “loan” to “Loan” so that it will always be upper case.




Add a calculation



Give the Calculation a name.  Instead of “Policy Name” we call it “Policy Name Revised”


Drag in the field which you will want to change.  This can be done later also, as part of step six.


Select the desired function.


Put in the desired function.  For example here we have:

REPLACE(Policy Name, ‘loan’, ‘Loan’)

Save the calculation (it is recommended to first do ‘Validate’ via the ‘Validate’ button to make sure the formula is correctly written).



The new calculation now appears in the “My Calculations” folder.



Use and check out the new field.  Here we see that “Policy Name Revised” always has “Loan” with a upper case L, while the original “Policy Name” field still has cases with “loan” with lower case L.


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