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How To Use The MarcEdit Integration To Edit Records In Batch

If you want to retrieve a number of records through the MarcEdit Alma API, you need to do the following:
1. Make a .txt file of the identifiers you want MarcEdit to search on (MMS IDs, OCLC numbers, ISBNs, Titles, etc.), with one listed per line. Put no more than about 50-100 identifiers per file.  (e.g. my text file looks like this):
2. Save the .txt file to your drive somewhere.
3. Go into MarcEdit and pull up Alma->Search.
4. Set the drop down menu to whatever you want to search on (this example uses OCLC numbers, so I set it to “Record Number”), then click the “Batch Search” checkbox underneath:
5. Now, click on the folder icon:
6. Navigate to where you saved the .txt file, select it, and click open:
7. You’ll be taken back to the Alma MarcEdit search screen. Click on the green arrow to start the search:
8. Once the searches are done, click on “Download All Items” to send the records to MarcEdit so that you can edit them:
9. When you’re done with your editing, you can upload the records to Alma in batch by selecting Alma->Update/Create and they will automatically overlay.

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