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ILL Borrowing Locate at Item Level Using Z39.50 with Avaibility and Volume Checking

I in the blog entry “ILL Borrowing Locate Innovative’s Millennium Records on Aleph ILL Module using Aleph Locate Type” suggests a way to locate real time availability of a requested ILL title at bibliographical and item level in Innovative’s Millennium context. But such method has limitations that it first needs to query Primo’s X-Service and some self-developed Millennium RTA API. There is another straightforward way to so the same thing – using Z39.50 query. Z39.50 protocol has an overwhelming advantage over my old method that the standard is adopted by most ILSs as a standard service, implying that my new method introduced here can be used ubiquitously.

All the sources codes can be found here: and the instruction of installation can be found here:, file “ILL Locate Program for Aleph Installation Guide.docx”.


One important function must be noted here, this is to check item level real time availability (RTA), in the Java class Z3950Query, function “checkAva(int vol)” which accepts a volume number of a book and check the RTA.

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