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Image Based Linking

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A quite nice feature of SFX is that it allows to request and display at runtime the availability of a specific service without showing the menu. This feature is called Image Based Linking – and is already in use for several years at Scopus.   In short: you can send to SFX an OpenURL with a request for a (full text)service and image. If the service exists SFX sends back a “FullText”-Button – if not you can chose to display a transparent PNG or another image.  Have a look at some Jquery code and how nicely this can work with a Primo UI:
This feature – Image Based Linking –  is explained in the SFX Advanced Users Guide, Chapter 16: ContextObject, p. 202-205.

  • Author: Timm Siewert
  • Institution: Ex Libris
  • Year: 2012

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