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Improving Deliverability of Emails from Alma

Recently there have been reports that emails which were sent from Ex Libris products were not being delivered to their intended recipients. Our cloud engineers and security team analyzed the issue and found that some email platforms (such as Microsoft Office 365) have enacted additional measures to filter out spam.

In order to comply with the new requirements, we performed some changes to our email infrastructure. Those changes include:

  • Improved security: We implemented the “sender policy framework” (SPF) and added DKIM signatures for all emails under the domain
  • Monitoring IP reputation: We are constantly monitoring to ensure our mail servers IP’s are not listed in any blacklists
  • Changed IP configuration: We have added a reverse DNS address for every mail server IP defined
  • Updated email headers: We are now aligning the email address in the from header and the mail envelope

We hope that these measures will improve the reliability and deliverability of emails sent from Alma. For more information on email configuration in Alma please refer to the documentation in the online help.

The above changes resulted in an Excellent score (based on an online score test).


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