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Integrating EndNote’s “Find Full Text” with Alma Link Resolver

EndNote offers a “Find Full Text” feature that allows users to locate full text for citations. EndNote Find Full Text can now be configured to obtain PDFs from the Ex Libris Alma Link resolver. 
To use Alma Link Resolver with EndNote, there are three key preference fields users need to modify, highlighted here in Yellow: 

  1. OpenURL: mark the checkbox.
  2. OpenURL Path: enter Alma Link Resolver Base URL according to the following format:
    https://<alma_server>/view/uresolver/<Alma _institution_code>/openurl?
    Improperly formed base URLs will cause the integration to fail, and the user will not retrieve files from their AlmaLink Resolver
  3. Authenticate With URL: will typically be the page at the library used to sign-in to their library or proxy server.

Once these three preferences are set and saved, when the user next runs Find Full Text, they will be prompted to log in using their institution credentials. Once logged in, EndNote will begin retrieving the PDFs, including the ones available through their link resolver.

Note: If the user close the log-in window before completing authentication, they can bring the window back by going to the References Menu > Find Full Text > Authenticate.

If any user feels they should be getting a PDF and aren’t, they should open a ticket with EndNote support team at

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  1. Hello,

    I believe we have entered the Primo OpenURL into the OpenURL Path field before. Double-checking that we are now supposed to be using the Alma Link Resolver instead.


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