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Integration between Alma and Bibliographic Data Services (BDS)

Bibliographic Data Services (BDS) is a vendor which provides Enriched Metadata services for institutions. In order to automate the metadata enrichment process, Alma institutions can now integrate with BDS and automatically receive enriched bibliographic MARC records using ordering (PO line) and invoicing information which are sent automatically from Alma to BDS and by that informing BDS which Bibliographic records should be enriched.

This is done using scheduled analytics reports (which will be sent to BDS) and repository import profile (which will import the enriched MARC records from BDS into Alma).

Here is a diagram of the workflow:

  • PO line/Invoice is created and sent to the material supplier
  • Daily analytics reports is sent to BDS (MARC record supplier)
  • BDS processes the file received from Alma and places a file with enhanced MARC records in their FTP server
  • Import profile fetches the file with the enriched MARC records from BDS server and matches it with the resources in Alma

In case institution would like to utilize this integration, here are the steps to follow:

  1. Contact Bibliographic Data Services (BDS) via this email: and let them know you are interested to use this integration
  2. Create 2 analytics reports:
    • Go to Alma analytics (Analytics->Design Analytics) and activate from the community tab (shared/Community/Reports/Shared Reports/Reports/Acquisitions – Vendor analysis) these two reports:
      • “BDS-INVOICE” (This report will contain invoices created in the past 24 hours)
      • “BDS-POLINE” (This report will contain PO lines created in the past 24 hours)
    • Review these reports and make sure it present the data you expect to be shared with BDS (The values in the Bibliographic record data fields will tell BDS which records they should enrich). If needed you can customize/filter the report to present the records you desire (for example have the report contain only orders/invoices from specific vendor/s)
  3. Create a scheduled Analytics report (Send the reports to BDS). Read more here: Scheduling Analytics reports
    • When you communicate with BDS you should be provided with login details for Autoresponse, use these to login to the BDS FTP server (FTP server is where the reports exported from Alma will be placed so that BDS can fetch them)
    • Order reports are deposited in depositordersorders
    • Invoice reports are deposited in depositordersinvoiced
    • Add S/FTP connection with BDS information (configuration menu-> General -> S/FTP definitions)
    • In Alma -> Analytics -> Analytics Object -> Analytics Objects List, ,create a new analytics object (use the “+Add New Analytics Object -> Add new Alma analytics object” )
    • Add the parameters as described in the screenshot below:
      • Invoice scheduled report:
      • PO line scheduled report:
    • Make sure you have an import profile set with the vendor (BDS) to allow the vendor to successfully send the full MARC records into Alma
    • In BDS, MARC records are placed in separate subdirectories to facilitate loading into Alma:
      • Order MARC records
        • Book in hand print book records – receiveordersordersprintfull
        • Book in hand eBook records – receiveordersordersebooksfull
      • Invoice MARC records
          • Book in hand print book records – receiveordersinvoicedprintfull
          • Book in hand eBook records – receiveordersinvoicedebooksfull
  4. Test the communication between Alma and BDS
    • Once you have all the steps above configured, 2 automated reports are supposed to be sent to BDS.
    • Contact Heather from BDS ( and let her know BDS should expect to receive these scheduled reports.
    • BDS will send you a copy of the reports they received so you can validate that the orders/invoices are in fact the ones you expected BDS to see and use in order to send your institution the full marc records.
    • Once you validate that the reports are as expected, BDS will begin using it to provide your institution with the full marc records

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