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Integration between Alma/Primo and Talis Aspire

Talis Aspire is an electronic reading list management system. It can provide access to resources for students, embedding resources directly into the lists.

Institutions that work with both Alma/Primo and Talis Aspire, should handle the following integration points between the systems:

In Primo: send bookmarks to Aspire

Aspire’s bookmarklet tool allows you to ‘bookmark’ a resource straight from Primo, and either put it straight into your reading list, or into your ‘bookmarks’ on Aspire, to use for future lists.
Aspire’s bookmarklet tool identifies bibliographic data from Primo based on Primo’s OpenURLs information.
In Aspire: link into Primo
You can view a reading list item in Aspire, and then see it in the institution’s Primo catalog.
Linking from Aspire to Primo is done based on Alma’s z39.50 search.

Post migration process

Talis Aspire’s links to the institution’s catalog based on the bibliographic record identifier. Therefore after migrating to Alma from other systems, Aspire’s reading lists should be updated with the Alma identifier.
For this purpose, Ex Libris migration team provides Talis with a CSV file containing 2 columns: the old bibliographic record identifier and the new Alma one. Talis will run a migration script to update all the existing records to point to the Alma identifier.

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