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A Linked Data Author Card for Primo

In a previous blog post, we created a simple linked data-powered author card using the Alma Linked Data APIs. In this post, we’ll create a Primo customization widget which integrates the author card into the Primo full view.

Our author card uses the Bibcard library made available by the University of Wisconsin at Madison. The library assists in traversing links and populates data retrieved from various sources. For this project, we wrapped the Bibcard library in an AWS serverless application. The Lambda function in this repository takes a Library of Congress authority URI and returns the output of the Bibcard library in JSON. Sample output can be seen in this link.

Once we have our API, we build an AngularJS component which includes the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript needed to display the author card. The component includes information returned by the Bibcard API, including dates of birth & death, a description of the author, and a list of notable works with search links within Primo. We then package the component as an NPM package to be included in our Primo customization package.

The result is an author card for our full record view:

Live demos are available here and here. Instructions for installing the package in your Primo view are available in the repository readme.


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