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Mapping of Alma specific information to SAP specific information

Alma exports invoices in the following structure:
  • One xml file includes multiple invoices
  • An invoice can consist of multiple line items with different accounting information
For more information regarding the Alma invoice export see Invoice Export.

Institutions need to map the exported Alma information into their ERP system.
In this article, we describe the way a specific institution has approached the process of mapping their data as part of setting up the Alma / SAP data export interface.
Please note that data mapping from Alma to SAP is very different for every institution.  It is impossible to provide a template of which data fields in Alma to map to specific data field in SAP, because both systems can be highly customised, and no two systems will hold the same data in the same locations. Therefore, the mapping in this article should only be used as a reference, as the data in your Alma instance may not be located in the same fields in Alma and the workflows selected by this institution may not reflect the workflows of your own organisation.

The tables below detail the mapping between Alma exported xml and SAP invoice fields:

Document header:
SAP fieldAlma xml field
Document date (BLDAT)invoice_list/invoice/invoice_date
Reference (XBLNR)invoice_list/invoice/invoice_number
Document type (BLART)invoice_list/invoice/vendor_FinancialSys_Code
Currency key (WAERS)invoice_list invoice/invoice_amount/currency
Exchange rate (KURSF)invoice_list/invoice/invoice_exchange_rate_list/exchange_rate/rate


Vendor line item:

SAP fieldAlma xml field
Amount (WRBTR)invoice_list/invoice/invoice_amount/sum
Tax amount(SAP does not calculate tax)invoice_list/invoice/vat_info/vat_amount
Line item text(SGTXT)invoice_list/invoice/invoice_line_list/invoice_line/note


G/L line item:
The number of G/L line items depends on the number of invoice lines and different funds used in the invoice lines. For ALMA invoice lines with the invoice line type SHIPMENT, DISCOUNT, OVERHEAD, INSURANCE   SAP should have a G/L line item only when the amount is not equal 0.

If pricing in Alma does not include VAT / GST, then ALMA invoice lines of the type ADJUSTMENT should be ignored.

For ALMA invoice lines with the invoice line item type REGULAR, SAP should have one G/L line item for each fund used.

SAP fieldAlma xml field
AccountDepending on the usage in Alma. Some institutions use the reporting code to reflect account type, and therefore will use: invoice_list invoice / invoice_line_list / invoice_line / reporting_code
Tax codeInvoice_list /invoice/invoice_line_list/Invoice_line/total_price
Cost centreinvoice/invoice_lines/invoice_line/fund_data/fund_short_data/fund_code
Line item textinvoice _list/invoice/invoice_line_list/invoice_line/note

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