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Minnesota’s Demand Driven Acquisition (DDA) / Patron Driven Acquisition (PDA) Profiles in Alma

The content of this article was contributed by John Halvorson from the University of Minnesota <>
Demand Driven Acquisition is defined by the NISO DDA Working Group as “Acquisition of library materials based on patron use at the point of need” and Patron Driven Acquisition is “Commonly used synonymously with demand-driven acquisition, but also can be used more broadly to refer to acquisition of library materials based on direct or indirect patron input, including faculty requests and analysis of collection usage.”

At the University of Minnesota, we currently have two active ebook DDA plans with YBP (ebrary is the ebook supplier.) We have created two separate PDA profiles in Alma to handle the MARC records for these plans:

  • Ebooks from various subjects available only to Twin Cities students/staff/faculty; approx. 30-40 discovery/repository records are loaded each week
  • Law ebooks – Discovery/Repository records available only to Law School students/staff/faculty; Triggered purchases are available to Twin Cities students/staff/faculty; approx. 1-5 discovery/repository records are loaded each week

Our library places most orders for ebooks either in GOBI (for individual ebook titles from various ebook suppliers), via YBP approval plans or via Consortia purchasing. We have worked with YBP to tailor our DDA plans so that ebook purchases from these three methods are excluded, greatly reducing any order duplication.
We do not use the “ISBN/024/035 Match Method” when loading Repository records since this method includes matches with print titles if an e-ISBN is in the print bib record. We use the “035 (Other System Identifier) Match Method” as the match method for both Repository and New Order imports.
The incoming records (Repository and New Order) have a unique 035 (based on YBP’s Unique ID number) that is used for matching. Here is an example of the customized YBP UID that we use for matching purposes (we have asked YBP to add the “ybp” prefix to the UID though I believe this could be done with a normalization rule in Alma):
035 __ |a (NhCcYBP)ybp12102345

Here is our PDA Repository Match Profile for the Twin Cities DDA plan:

We then use the customized YBP UID in the 035 field to match to the Repository record. We have our profile set to “Do Not Import” for records that do not match and deal with these records manually (we have had none of these so far.)

A few things to note:

  • The New Order import profile will not update the e-inventory record. In most cases, this is not an issue but, for our Law plan the e-inventory record for discovery records has different proxy setting from the e-inventory records for triggered purchases. We have to update these inventory records outside the PDA process (either manually or via a job.)
  • We have set our Repository records to automatically load every day at 11:00 am (CST/GMT-6) and our New Order records to load at 6:00 pm (CST/GMT-6).
  • Just a reminder about all import loads in Alma: you can set the “Filename patterns” in the profile to load only records with certain characters in the filename. For example, we name our Law DDA files”lawddaYYYYMMDD.mrc“so we set the “Filename patterns” to “lawdda” so that files without this in the filename are ignored.
  • We were able to successfully close a 3rd DDA profile (our Duluth Campus DDA plan.) Terminate and Cleanup removes non-purchased ebook records from Alma.


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