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Move the Permalink to the WebVoyage Action Box

The purpose of this blog post is to provide basic instructions for moving an item’s permalink to the Full Record Display’s Action Box.

Remember to always back up any file you make changes to, and to test your changes in multiple browsers.

If you have already implemented the Permalink configuration described in Chapter 18 of the WebVoyage Architecture Overview and Configuration Models guide, you will first need to “undo” that configuration.  There are two sets of changes described in Chapter 18 of the guide.  Remove both sets of changes made to the cl_displayRecord.xls file.

But leave the local_PersistentLink.xls file created as part of the Chapter 18 instructions in place, as you will need it.

Then test your OPAC.  You should no longer see the permalink link in your full record.

The following steps require that the local_PersistentLink.xsl file be in place as per Chapter 18 of the Architecture Guide.  If you do not have that file, create it as per the instructions provided.

Next, edit the displayFacets.xsl file as per Chapter 13 in the Architecture guide (although instead of adding an external search, you’ll be adding the permalink). 

You’ll need to make changes in two different places in the file:

First, near the top of the file, add this code:

<!-- ## Include Persistent Link template ## -->

<xsl:include href="./local_PersistentLink.xsl"/>

<xsl:variable name="linkID" select="//page:page/page:pageBody/page:holdingsCollection/hol:holdingsRecord/hol:bibRecord/@bibId"/>

place that code below this line:


And above this line:

<xsl:include href="../local_googleBooksAvail.xsl"/>

Second, farther down in the file add this code:



<!-- ## Use persistentLink template to display the persistent link ## -->

<xsl:call-template name="persistentLink" >

<xsl:with-param name="bibID" select="$linkID"/>


After this section:


                                    <li><span class="recordLinkBullet">·</span><a href="{page:URL}"><span><xsl:value-of select="page:linkText"/></span></a><br/><span class="fieldSubText"><xsl:value-of select="page:postText"/></span></li>





And above this section:



Once you have followed these steps, you should see something like this:

Note that you can change the label “Permalink” in local_PersistentLink.xsl

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