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Next Generation Library Application Development

In designing and implementing the new Ex Libris Developer Network, we considered how applications written against our platforms will be developed in this new age of cloud-based SaaS library systems. We felt it would be beneficial to the community to share what we learned during the process.

In cooperation with the Code4Lib journal, we’ve published an article in Issue 26 (October 2014) which reviews many considerations for both developers and library software vendors.

From the abstract:

As the move to cloud-based SaaS library systems accelerates, we must consider what it means to develop applications when the core of the system isn’t under the library’s control. The entire application lifecycle is changing, from development to testing to production. Developing applications for cloud solutions raises new concerns, such as security, multi-tenancy, latency, and analytics. In this article, we review the landscape and suggest a view of how to be successful for the benefit of library staff and end-users in this new reality. We discuss what kinds of APIs and protocols vendors should be supporting, and suggest how best to take advantage of the innovations being introduced.

The full article is available here.

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