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Using Namtuk as a print proxy

Tamar Fuches on April 3rd, 2014

Contributed by: Gary Kosmopoulos <>
As a cloud solution, Alma cannot simply be connected directly to a local network/printers due to security concerns and technical limitations. Printing from Alma, therefore, is handled via email. Each library/institution defines the email addresses of its local printers in Alma, which route staff-oriented, Alma-originating e-mails (including request and transit slips) to the appropriate printer.
Newer printers have their own built-in email addresses to support cloud computing. Older printers, however, do not support direct emailing and therefore require a print proxy.
.This blog entry describes Automatic Email Manager (AEM) by Namtuk

Alma Configuration

  • Create email address. This address will be used when defining a printer in Alma (Fulfillment Configuration menu - Printers):
  • Assign this printer account to a circulation desk. See “Editing circulation desks” section of the OLH for more details.

AEM configuration

  • Press “new account”:
  • An account edition wizard is opened. Specify the name and email address:
<img alt="" data-cke-saved-src="/resources/galleries/Blog/alma/numtuk3.png?tag=HEAD" src="/resources/galleries/Blog/alma/numtuk3.png?tag=HEAD" width="90%2px" "="">
  • Choose POP3:
  • Specify server, email and password. Use the ‘Test connection” option to ensure the account details are correct:
  • Set the delay interval to1 second so AEM can retrieve new emails quickly:
  • Select the required actions: print the email and then delete it:
  • Choose the relevant filters. This can be used in order to print only specific letters, etc.:
  • Example for a filter: