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ILLiad add-on for NCIP based integration Alma
VCU developers have built upon the ILLiad add-on for Aleph NCIP, which was developed by Hank Sway and Bill Jones for Harvard via the IDS Group (see ILLiad add on Aleph NCIP), and made the necessary adaptations for Alma's NCIP server. The result is an ILLiad add-on that may be used by the Alma community…


NCIP Relay: enabling exchange of messages between INN-Reach systems and Alma
Background The California State University San Marcos [CSUSM] Library is a member of San Diego Circuit, a direct consortial borrowing [DCB] network that utilizes the INN-Reach system (Innovative Interfaces). A DCB network allows patrons of member libraries to borrow from any of the member libraries. In addition, borrowed materials are received within 1 to 3…


ILLiad add-on for Aleph NCIP
This addon for ILLiad communicates interlibrary loan transaction data to Aleph for management and fulfillment. Please see Atlas Systems' ILLiad Addons Directory to download the addon files and documentation.


Integrating Alma with Relais System
Business Case Using a Relais International ILL system, the University of New South Wales (UNSW) has implemented the broker mode of Alma's resource sharing workflows, relying on two integration points: OpenURL integration for request submission NCIP integration for back office processing of the requests, at both borrower and lender side Implementing these integration points enables…


Simulating NCIP messages to your Alma sandbox environment
Following is a step-by-step description of how to simulate NCIP messages to your Alma sandbox environment. This can be used in order to analyze NCIP related issues in your sandbox. In general, as NCIP messages are basically HTTP messages in xml format, the simulation will be done using HTTP requests:   Download a “send HTTP”…