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Using MS outlook as a print proxy
NOTE:¬†Printing via emails is the no longer required. The recommended way to handle printing is to use the online printing functionality instead. For more details see the online help As a cloud solution, Alma cannot simply be connected directly to a local printers due to security concerns and technical limitations. Printing from Alma, therefore, is…


Alma-Sentry Integration
Overview Sentry is an Access Control System that controls entry to facilities such as libraries or reading rooms where access requires monitoring. To do so, Sentry requires user information from Alma. Alma-Sentry integration is based on a dual approach of retrieving Alma user details via web services, and exporting user details via Alma Analytics for…


Getting Started with Alma REST APIs
The Alma RESTful API supplies an interface that supports direct interactions with other applications via HTTPS. Because the REST API is based on open standards, you may use any web development language to access the API. This post will help you get started developing with Alma APIs. Setting up A simple way to test your…