Category: aleph

Aleph Mobile OPAC
Description There are different ways of creating a OPAC adapted for mobile use. This method is basicly just a matter of stripping the standard OPAC down creating a version that is more suitable for display on a smaller screen (like a mobile phone or PDA). We have been running our mobile version of the OPAC…


Aleph Status Monitor
Description A small script that can be used to monitor Aleph status. This script parses server_monitor output and displays a running summary of it and optionally the output of top command. Author: Ere Maijala Institution: None Year: 2008 License: MPL 1.1 / GPL 2.0 Short description: Use, modification and distribution of the code are permitted…


MARC Record Batch Edit Toolkit
Description A java based toolkit for editing batches of MARC records. Utilizes an XML configuration file, so there is no coding involved. Does require working knowledge of XML and how to execute java programs to use. Download Author: Mark Dehmlow Institution: University of Notre Dame Year: 2009 License: GNU GPL version 3, Copyright 2009 University of Notre Dame/Hesburgh Libraries…