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Primo – Alma and StackMap integration

StackMap helps students to locate physical resources within the library space.
This is done by displaying a map of the library areas and shelves, based on item call number: The student searches for an item in Primo, checks if it is available and then views the map in order to easily pick it from the shelf.

Because Stack Map charges by the floor that you wish to display, we only subscribe to services on 4 floors of our main campus library.

To display the stack map link we use JQuery to read the RTA line. This line contains library and call number for physical item.
If the location equals “Hodges Library Stacks” (in our example), then it collects the call number from the RTA line and displays the stack map link. We use the call number to populate the stack map link as well.

This does have one draw back for us though. On records that Primo has merged, for instance when we have an electronic version and a physical version, the RTA line may say “Online access. The library also has physical copies” we are unable to display a stack map link because the information we need is not available in the RTA line.

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